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early in the site design, many companies take a single stage of the process, called writing "HTML". Everyone jumped in and built the site. No one has the patience to do research or planning strategies. Fortunately, after a few years of painful lessons, more and more people realize that it is a very difficult task to design a website, and it needs a step by step information architecture development process.


phase of the study is to look at existing background materials, and start with the strategic group meeting, the goal is to get a better understanding of the objectives and business context, existing information architecture, content and key users. Then a series of studies were conducted to explore the information ecology.

‘s research will be based on the development of information infrastructure strategies. From a top-down perspective, this strategy defines the highest two or three layers in the organization and navigation structure of the site. From a bottom-up perspective, this strategy will provide the appropriate file type, as well as a rough outline of metadata. This strategy provides a high-level framework for information architecture, set up the direction and scope of the whole project through practice.

design is the use of advanced strategies in the information architecture, the establishment of blueprint details, frameworks, and metadata framework, so that graphic designers, programmers, content authors and production team to use. This phase is usually the most useful information architect, but the amount can not drive the quality. Bad design results will destroy the best strategy. For the information architect, the beef is in the middle, and the hard work is in the details.

implementation is the web site building, testing and enabling, allowing you to enter the design stage of the test. The information architect, this stage involves label, document, test and debug development documentation and training courses, to ensure that the information architecture can effectively maintain over time.

Finally, there are

management, which is the website information architecture continued to evolve and improve. As a new file management including label and make out the old file routine. At the same time to monitor the usage of the site and the user’s feedback, find out where the site needs to be modified to further improve it. Effective management can make a good site better. (the author: Ji Yong Jin / more articles for authors)

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