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a few days ago wrote an article "WeChat marketing is not as simple as you think" which roughly introduces the current status of a WeChat, to share with you today how some specific marketing WeChat dry cargo. If you just want to make money so you don’t have to look down, if you want to create a good brand then I hope to help you.

now, WeChat to change the world, this book is quite a fire, I summed up the following several reasons: 1 it is the first book on WeChat,’s attention to the very high degree of WeChat, 3 team operations. I generally look at this book generally explain about WeChat and the prospect of the information about WeChat marketing operation content is very scarce, but it can still be used in marketing, which inspired.

popular in the network marketing a theory "first better than", do not comment on whether this view is correct. We look at the current situation of the Internet, Baidu is a Chinese search, Alibaba is the first to do business platform, sina is the first to do micro-blog, which has become the industry’s NO.1. I think for this reason, it may be because in China is too serious cottage, we are so afraid of the default in the subconscious of the first out is the best, the other is the cottage piracy. However, there is a special case that Tencent Inc has been in the cottage has never been defeated (this is to be studied)

since the first is better than most of the trial in the vast majority of places we can then apply to the marketing, take my hand in a music training site to do the case. We are online and offline publicity free music to learn how to scan the two-dimensional code, published on WeChat every day on the music learning articles or video tutorials, and then online interactive questions. But there are always some questions WeChat is not clear, we then launched a weekly Friday afternoon can go to school free consultation and study music open class. So that we can promote our is the first school of music and music open class free school, so that our WeChat is no longer an advertising platform into a pond, the intention of customers raising up conversion and brand marketing.

a lot of people want to learn the first time marketing methods, marketing methods with the development will be eliminated, because the core of marketing is the product in the form of a sense of value passed to the user to obtain profits. So, we sell is not a thing, but a feeling, why is apple so expensive to sell so well because the user heard that apple is considered to be the best mobile phone, really use it is almost the same.

"WeChat to change the world," the book became the biggest factor because it is the first book on WeChat, I believe there will be more books on WeChat, but it is difficult to exceed its impact. Therefore, in order to win the competition in the peer, we must first do not do the same thing, do not dare to do, of course, there is a premise for the user.

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