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Admin5 webmaster network on May 14th, 2010 Chinese local and industry website development forum in May 14th at the Xiamen Asia Gulf Hotel, the conference hosted by phpwind, jointly organized by the owners of the home, Xiamen xmfish. The conference theme of "cohesion value, opening up the future", aims to promote the exchange of the general assembly, the depth of excavation and local vertical websites value, to jointly develop the Internet blue ocean, from all over the country 300 webmaster and Internet users to participate in the meeting.

in the morning of the conference agenda, first by the Xiamen fish nets general manager Mr Yao Jincheng, Chinaz editor Qiu Song PHP, President Wang Xueji has delivered a speech, the Alibaba group human resources senior director Lu Kaiwei human resources management for small and medium-sized site and the station conducts an in-depth discussion and exchange.

Lu Kaiwei is an analysis of the source of entrepreneurial success and for entrepreneurship and management team entered the in-depth exchanges and discussions, Lu said the source of success are: 1 dreams and adhere to the 2 cohorts of 3 people found loose, a successful entrepreneurial team, management’s role is very important, and share the management and we should take responsibility and how to practice how to automatically. In the interactive session, Lu total for each of the entrepreneurial team management aspects of the question to give a warm answer.

in the afternoon agenda, 55bbs general manager Deng Shoudong speaker traditional community portal transformation operation practices; 52pk network game content Director Tian vigorous to share with you how to interact with the traditional portal community forum, he pointed out that the value not only depends on the site of PV, the value of the user has a key role; Beijing Internet era technology limited company chairman Cai Wensheng and share the development space, local website Cai Wensheng pointed out that the local portal and mobile Internet development potential is still great subdivision; Ningzhe network founder Zhou Ning through a series of detailed data and detailed analysis of the comparative analysis of local community houses, second-hand housing profit method, profit model, which has important reference significance for real estate local industry portal site operators; Yi words PAAT Wang Zhigang for payment And the choice of the salary system.

Phpwind president Wang set said, phpwind launched the forum, aimed at promoting small and medium-sized websites to a broader space for development, share valuable experience for users to put forward suggestions for more profit model and cooperation way for small and medium-sized webmaster.

of the conference by the participating owners alike, have said that through this conference with experts learned a lot of practical experience, in the future website promotion and operation convenience is good, through the general assembly, communication, embodies the consistent and pragmatic style Phpwind webmaster service spirit.

this conference is divided into 2 days, May 15th will be a hot topic of e-commerce discussion.

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