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        Admin5 webmaster network on November 14th, 2011 Guangxi Internet Conference on the afternoon of November 12th held in Nanning, Guangxi province has got a number of online media and support some Internet companies, more than 300 employees in Guangxi Province outstanding Internet enterprise representatives and some individual owners to participate in the meeting. The webmaster invited some senior figures in the Internet industry is the advanced Internet brand, Internet products and services, micro-blog era and the Internet business topics such as the keynote speeches and roundtable discussions, jointly organized by the general assembly by the Admin5 webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs club, phpwind Nanning April Guangxi Yingtuo network with the network technology, the general assembly also supported by the Sohu micro-blog network name.

conference to "entrepreneurship, innovation, cooperation, win-win" as the theme. The first speech is the sponsor of the conference Admin5 editor Mr. Chen Guoqiang, his main sponsor and thank guests support for the conference, and I hope to communicate will have more chances to communicate with the Guangxi Internet webmaster, to jointly promote the development of the Internet in Guangxi. He proposed the establishment of the Guangxi Internet Alliance, his proposal to win the audience bursts of applause, including the leader of the Guangxi Internet agree.

in the keynote session, Baidu union business manager Wang Xiaoli keynote speech on entrepreneurs sustainable development plan made a detailed analysis, the majority of people on the Internet now Chinese are 80 young people. Internet users are concentrated in the game, watching movies, playing QQ and other entertainment network world. Most people like to use pirated, almost no one is willing to spend money to buy genuine software. Most of the site is in the initial stage, most of the less revenue. Most of China’s Web site is not a clear definition of the industry. Almost all of them are integrated. Most of the content is relatively miscellaneous. Although China’s website is in the initial stage, but does not mean that China’s owners do not earn money. Instead, China, Russia, and other developing countries are indeed the largest share of adsense.

Peng Peng, general manager of friends to buy Li Weisheng keynote address for the Internet business strategy. And share with you the success of the experience of friends to buy the brand. Speech, Dr. Lee stressed the importance of corporate mission and strategic positioning for the survival of enterprises. If an enterprise wants to make money without a certain social responsibility, mission to do, can not be long. Now the development of the Internet to follow the trend of serious, many websites strategy is not clear, do not give yourself a precise positioning, it is difficult to do a good job. After Dr. Lee’s speech, the audience asked, what is the mission of friends to buy friends?". Dr. Li to discuss the location of live friends of friends share is to provide information platform and perfect services for consumers and businesses, to achieve precise positioning and interactive promotion, bridging the gap between consumers and businesses trading, make transactions more convenient, promote trade, sharing preferential life. Dr. Lee’s wonderful speech won warm applause.

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