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on the business market, the youth has become the main force in the market, but now the business is so complex, if the state is not able to provide relevant policy support for the development of young entrepreneurs will naturally very unfavorable. To this end, Yantai youth entrepreneurship support efforts to increase the protection of young entrepreneurs to obtain the success of the cause.

Yantai to increase efforts to support young entrepreneurs, providing entrepreneurial start-up funds and one to one tutor guidance, the formation of a business to encourage entrepreneurship to support a good situation.

Yantai City venture association is a not-for-profit organization support youth entrepreneurship in our city, they provide 50 thousand yuan interest free loans to support the early start of the young man and a mentor. Recently, they are busy for this year to apply for new loans for the audit. "You should be familiar with the industry, will not be unfamiliar.

second is that he may not have done this industry, but he may have had relevant entrepreneurial experience, such as the management of the team, have a certain social relations, social experience. The third point is he must personally is the project manipulator, the main person in charge or project." City Entrepreneurs Association entrepreneurs mentor Wei said.

this year to encourage youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship promotion will be based on the original policy, appropriate to relax the conditions for support, no longer confined to the age of 35 years old, business license registration time is no longer restricted within one year, can be relaxed to less than two years, the registered capital amount is no longer limited. We now have to support the 260 or so young entrepreneurs, it should be said that in the help of our financial support and mentor, more than 90% of the venture are basically successful, in addition to have a better development of the 10%." Shen Xiuzhen, Secretary General of the Association for the promotion of entrepreneurship.

this year, the city has also issued a relay support policy, the integrity of the youth also completed on time, according to the needs of the project, you can provide 100 thousand yuan without interest, unsecured, unsecured support funds. Yantai Jinding model company manager Wang Jintao recently applied to support the loan, he said the loan application, simplify procedures, remove the pre link, from the application to get loans only a month’s time.

"do some souvenirs to represent the local tourist attractions. Running a project to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to design, have the money, we can devote more manpower and material resources, could we design a year, so that we may be a year out of three tourist attractions souvenirs." Wang Jintao said.

if the initial venture to help entrepreneurs on the right track, then the relay support policies to help entrepreneurs embark on the development of the fast lane. Since its establishment in July 2010, Yantai will promote the business start-up fund issued a total of about 12000000, support the recommendation

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