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now if you go to the market to buy chicken consumption, household words usually choose chicken, chicken taste better after all, higher nutritional value, but the market of the chicken has been in short supply in the state, so if the breeding chickens, can earn a rich life. Here Xiaobian to introduce a relying on the rich examples of breeding chickens make billions of years!

2007 in August, the news from Chengdu’s stores returned to Li Jiapeng felt unprecedented crisis. Zhang, the company’s sales manager: a lot of shops are difficult to maintain operations, basically out of the market. Reporter: lose money? Company sales manager Zhang flag: losing money. Reporter: open every day are lost? Zhang Qi, sales manager. Li Jiapeng: support for two months basically no, No. 2 months, Li Jiapeng opened in Chengdu in the cold fresh chicken chain, but another one of the collapse of a 35. At the same time, Chengdu City, the other more than and 300 cold fresh chicken store, also spared recession.

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