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ice cream as an attractive leisure food, in the current food and beverage market has a very high popularity, the hidden market wealth is not the same. Because of this, it will attract a lot of entrepreneurs want to open an ice cream shop. However, after the ice cream shop to operate the business is hot, natural also need a good name, but a good name is need to pay attention to many content operators. So, ice cream shop name should pay attention to what?

a, fashion word named

to the ice cream shop name must pay attention to fashion a word, because eating ice cream are some young people, if the traditional auspicious words will make people feel particularly garish.

two, catchy


‘s ice cream shop must be loud, catchy, easy to remember, easy to spread like this, to do this, not only to pay attention to the language charm and smooth, but also to seize the psychological needs and spiritual needs of consumers, who can resonate with customers psychological name, customers are generally easy to remember, and also can be spread in particular, some humorous, with profound connotation. If the noodle shop named "face to face", some Chinese restaurant named "Kitchen God", on the contrary, make people feel uncomfortable and name is feeble.

three, should have consumption characteristics

small ice cream shop name can not be vague, not only to pay attention to these points straightaway, catchy, but also can reflect the consumption characteristics of the store, including project management, management style. The name such as light shop will let customers see a name that you are selling lamps, if you take a "hero", there is no better lighting "brilliant lighting" or "bright light" effect, because the "brilliant" and "bright" and "light" to let the customer have the association, "hero is not necessarily! Therefore, the name of the ice cream shop must be combined with the names of the items you run and the consumer groups you are facing, and you can’t call them at will.

four, should be rich cultural connotation

a product name must have rich, profound cultural connotation, small ice cream shop is no exception! In order to reflect the quality of the ice cream shop owners, customers are also easy to accept. Now many shops especially in culture is relatively scarce, vulgar! What Xiao Li clothing store, etc..


must be considered from many aspects and angles given in the ice cream shop famous cultural connotation, such as historical and cultural origins, product characteristics, like the flower shop "fresh", "sweet", the hotel clothing store "beauty", this is our cultural connotation.

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