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previously, it was mentioned that Taobao would often refer to the single word, but the market is changing, Taobao’s latest changes you noticed? Need to pay attention to the latest news, businesses can better grasp the direction of progress.

in the analysis before you answer some sellers post asked one did not brush before the first page rankings are now missing problem. First of all, I would like to ask you, a single brush is not a single brush in May, in April, a single brush, or this year began a single brush, is not the right to drop the product did not brush or the whole shop did not brush, or that a single shop did not brush? Personal feeling, and now in addition to the KA shop, there is a brush all will have the right to fall, sooner or later the problem. Some sellers from the beginning of April, I shop from the beginning of May, some 5 months from the end of May or beginning, the same flow is decreased by more than 50%.

Before the

and flow, then talk about the conversion rate. At the same time, the flow rate decreased, the conversion rate is also declining, the conversion rate of silence is even worse. Here to talk about the end of the phone and PC

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