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first_imgShare CONTACT: Lia UnrauPHONE: 831-4793RICE PHYSICISTS CREATE STATE OF MATTER WITH SURPRISE ELEMENT Using an element that theoretically shouldn’t have worked, Rice University physicists have created the Bose-Einstein condensate, an elusive new gaseous state of matter that Albert Einstein theorized 71 years ago, by cooling lithiumatoms to a temperature barely above absolute zero. A paper detailing the Rice team’s accomplishment will bepublished in the Aug. 28 issue of Physical Review Letters. The formation of the Bose-Einstein condensate with lithium atoms came as a surprise because lithium atoms attract each other at low temperatures, leading theorists to believe that the gas would collapse into a liquid or solid, unable to form a gas condensate state. Investigations of Bose-Einstein condensation may lead to abetter understanding of the related phenomenon of superconductivity. The Rice team consists of Randall Hulet, associate professor of physics, graduate students Curtis Bradley and Cass Sackett, and Jeffrey Tollett, a 1995 Rice doctoral graduate. Contact: Rice associate professor Randy Hulet at (713) 527-6087 or by E-mail [email protected], or Lia Unrau at (713) 831-4793 or [email protected]### AddThislast_img

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