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first_img Japan is rife with so many awesome treats that it’s hard to remember what’s out there. That’s why it’s such a boon that there’s a new treat, from Lotte, the very same company that brings us deliciously delicate chocolate treats, that can help improve your memory. I know I’ve forgotten several important things here and there that this tasty little morsel could have helped me remember time and time again, but alas — it didn’t exist. Now that Lotte has come to my rescue, how will my life change for the better now that I’m not so forgetful anymore?The gum is called Ha ni Tsukinikui Gum — Kioku Ryoku o Ijisuru Type (Gum which Doesn’t Stick to Teeth — Memory Maintaining Type) and is incredibly difficult to remember the title of, but maybe that’s the point. It’s supposed to have a distinct minty flavor and comes in stick and pellet pieces so you can chew on whatever makes you happy. It features ginkgo biloba extract, which is the real point of the gum’s existence, after all. It’s an herb that’s always been said to improve the brain’s power of recollection. Since you’re absorbing the ginkgo biloba via the gum as you chew it, it could help you improve your memory and recall issues.via you’d probably have to chew a whole heck of a lot of gum to help with that, so if you’re going to rely on gum to do all that, you probably have more problems than something gum can help with. Remember to always check with your doctor if you’re going to start any sort of regimen like this, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal. The gum is on sale for about 140 yen a pack around Japan, but honestly you could always just start ginkgo biloba supplements instead.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Recycled Chewing Gum Gives These Shoes Serious SolePut gum in your head to get songs out of it Stay on targetlast_img

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