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first_imgGoogle I/O is coming soon, and it looks like Motorola’s stealth X Phone could be ready in time to make an appearance. Freshly leaked photos have been leaked to Twitter that show this will be a very different device than previous Motorola Android offeringsYes, leaked photos and specs generally need to be taken with a grain of salt. These pics, however, come from the highly-reputable @evleaks, so there’s every reason to think this really is the X Phone.No, that chunky black surround isn’t a final chassis design. It’s merely a case that’s been shipped with the prototype to keep the X Phone under wraps. A single image of the phone’s back was leaked, too. While it’s textured and looks like Moto’s trademark kevlar panels, PhoneArena’s sources say that it’s polycarbonate.There are a couple possibilities here. First, this is still a prototype. The Kevlar back may be coming, but Motorola may have chosen not to include it at this point in the process. Second, it’s possible that the company wants to keep the price of the X Phone down (possibly in the Nexus 4 range?) and has gone with a less premium material.Then there’s the carrier in the status bar: AT&T. Motorola is better known as Verizon’s BFF, so it’s surprising to see Big Blue’s name there. AT&T has also never debuted a Nexus device, so this would be its first (Nexus X has a nice ring to it) . The X Phone will reportedly launch on both carriers, however.One other interesting thing you may have noticed in the photo is that Motorola logo in the top left corner. The dashes and dots surrounding it aren’t identical in every picture. So these are either three different handsets (which would provide ample confirmation that this is a real device) or the logo is somehow dynamic.So what about the X Phone’s specs? The prototype has a 720p display that measures roughly 4.7 inches, though it’s believed that the final version will switch to a 1080p panel. 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage are also in the cards, which make this sound like a high-end device.But with no MotoBlur anywhere in sight, the X Phone could be shaping up to be the next Nexus: a premium device without the premium price tag. Let’s just hope they build enough to keep up with demand.last_img

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