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first_imgIt looks like those rumors from earlier in the week ended up being true. Motorola’s delayed, redesigned Droid Bionic is officially hitting stores this September. In an earnings call yesterday Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha stated that the 4G dual-core handset will be landing the month after next and that it will be the first device on Verizon Wireless’ network with both dual-core power and LTE radio.On the call Jha also noted that Motorola had another 4G phone coming in 2011 and that the company was planning to release two more tablets, one of which would be 10 inches and another that was smaller. An upgraded Xoom tablet, complete with 4G connectivity, will be released in September as well. The Xoom release will come after months of delays, which were necessary for Motorola to tweak the 4G radio connection. It’s said that the same problem could have caused the delay to the Bionic as well.Previous rumors had the Droid Bionic slated for an August 4th release, a date that any number of prospective buyers came to expect. By further pushing back the phone (first from April and now to September) Motorola places its release date that much closer to when the iPhone 5 is expected to be released, and then closer to the carrier-sold Samsung Galaxy S II, which just had its pre-order page launched.The Bionic should still be the first to combine LTE and dual-core but other competitive phones will be hot on its heels.via Cnetlast_img

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