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first_imgLEINSTER HOUSE USHERS, who are responsible for keeping order in the Houses of the Oireachtas, are getting new bespoke, tailored uniforms.A tender on the Office of Government Procurement website states that the Oireachtas authorities are looking for “made to measure uniforms” for the men and women who roam the halls of Leinster House and regularly provide guided tours to visitors.The successful bidder will supply staff with a variety of clothing including belts, gloves, blouses, shirts, caps, socks, ties, tights and overcoats as part of “bespoke tailored made to measure uniforms”.The new uniforms are being purchased four years after some €215,000 was spent on clothing for ushers.At the time it was reported that those new uniforms would last employees for around three years.The Irish Times recently reported that ushers had expressed concern about the “deterioration of parliamentary ushers standard of dress” in a strongly-worded letter to superintendent Paul Conway.The complaint was contained in a letter expressing no confidence in management in a dispute over staffing arrangements and conditions.Read: The Dáil ‘tuck shop’ that cost €1.3 million to build and lasted five years is reopening (sort of)Read: Leinster House staff given jiu-jitsu training to deter angry intruderslast_img

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