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in our daily life for the use of tap water, each place according to the source of water charges. These days, the "White Water Temple Waterworks in Zhengzhou city by temporarily replaced the Yellow River Dan river water" news, attracted the attention of the general public. Many people reflect: Baimiao water water to temporarily replaced water of the Yellow River, although only 5 days, but the the Yellow River water cost is much lower than in water, therefore, Zhengzhou tap water Klc Holdings Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Zhengzhou tap water company") should refund part of the water.

water company should not refund part of the water? Zhengzhou city drinking water source, whether the south trunk in the Danjiangkou Water? Reporter conducted an investigation.

[news] white temple water source will be replaced in the next 5 days into the Yellow River water

11 11 evening, Zhengzhou tap water company news release: November 14th 15 to November 19th, the white temple water water will by water diversion canal Danjiangkou replacement in the Yellow River water. During this period, the water supply within the scope of the user, the water in the home may be short-term water pressure and water quality fluctuations.

why the white temple water plant temporary replacement into the Yellow River water? Zhengzhou water company official said, the reason why the replacement of water is caused by the North West Extension project. West Sanhuan north extension project, and the water supply to the temple of the water supply to the water supply pipeline conflict, in order to cope with the municipal works, the need to change the water diversion pipeline. Due to the large scope of water supply in the temple of white water, in order to ensure that the public water, can only be temporarily replaced with the Yellow River water, water quality can be guaranteed." The person in charge said.

The water supply area of

white temple waterworks is the east of Nanyang Road, west of Zhongzhou Avenue, south of North Fourth Ring Road and north of Jinshui road. The responsible person said, the project construction period is 5 days, November 19th to north water diversion pipeline to move after the end of the project, the water source of Baimiao will revert to the Dan river diversion of water from the Yellow River. November 14th evening, the reporter was informed that, due to the reasons for the construction of the white temple water the Yellow River water replacement will be delayed until November 15th or 16.

[question] into the the Yellow River water costs to reduce the refund of some water

this news release, immediately aroused the concern of the general public. From the beginning of January 1st this year, Zhengzhou began to implement the price ladder, the first step is based on the price of water prices, from 2.4 yuan per ton in the past to adjust to $4.1. Prices rose so much, one important reason is to achieve full coverage in urban water. Now, the white temple to the Yellow River water water replacement, although the time is not long, but as a responsible company, should be to the recommended

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