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first_imgSmart speakers have become somewhat ubiquitous these days. There was a time when everyone was rushing to buy a portable speaker that they could use anywhere. However, with the recent boom in smart gadget industry, if I may put it that way, Bluetooth speakers have become outdated now. Now everyone wants a speaker that not only sounds good but is also incredibly smart. Bose, the company that has mastered the art of producing pitch perfect sound, entered this arena with the Bose Home Speaker 500, which we reviewed earlier this year, and the Bose Home Speaker 300, which is the star of today’s review.Bose launched the Bose Home Speaker 300 in India earlier this year for Rs 26,900 in Black and Silver colour variants. It features the same aluminum frame design that is sported by its Home Speaker 500. Of course it is compact than its elder sibling and lacks an LED display that shows details like the time, name of the track and the singer, however, it sounds just as good. Simply said, Home Speaker 300 might be short and stout but it’s as they — don’t judge the speaker by its size as it produces a sound that is as good as the Home Speaker 500, which in case you are not is “distinguishable, textured and clear.”Now, design and sound quality are great, but price is one thing that might drive a lot audiophiles away. After all, 27K is not an easy sum to pay, especially when you can get the second generation Amazon Echo Plus (REVIEW) for Rs 14,999 or a brand new Amazon Echo Studio for Rs 22,999 (if you want to buy something on the expensive side). To compliment its stylish design and great sound with another interesting feature, Home Speaker 300 comes with built-in Alexa and Alexa and Google Assistant integration (did I tell you it’s a smart speaker?). This means that you can ask Alexa or Google Assistant to do your personal chores just like you would tell an Amazon Echo smart speaker or a Google Home..oops..Nest smart speaker.advertisementStyle? Check. Sound? Check. Smart stuff? Check. Is everything perfect in case of Home Speaker 300? We will find out in the review below.Looks gorgeousIn my past reviews of Bose products I have repeatedly mentioned how the company is known for its sound quality. But I need to amend that statement now. So here it goes: Bose is a company known for great audio quality and a stunning design. All its products – whether it’s the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 (REVIEW) or the Bose Sleepbuds (REVIEW) – all its products look gorgeous. The Bose Home Speaker 300 is no exception to this rule. It looks simply stunning!Home Speaker 300 measures 6×14.2 x 10.2 cm and it weighs 0.9 kg. By contrast, Home Speaker 500 measures 20.3 x 17×10.9 cm and it weighs 2.15 kg. Needless to say that Home Speaker 300 is a lot more compact than Home Speaker 500. Apart from obvious reduction in size, Home Speaker 300 looks exactly…I mean exactly…like its older sibling if you discount the LED screen in the front. It comes with an anodized aluminum case that features an elliptical design. On the front it has a sleek space which glows White as you interact with virtual assistant. On top it has a set of controls that you can use to control the volume, play or pause the track, connect the speaker with your smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth, connect the speaker via AUX cable, prevent the smart speaker from listening in on your conversations and of course, invoking the virtual assistant of your choice – Alexa or Google Assistant. It also has a set of six preset buttons – just like Home Speaker 500 — that you can use to get tap access to your favourite and more commonly used channels like Amazon Prime Music and Spotify.At the back there is a port to connect the AUX cable, below which there is another button for connecting the power cable. One interesting feature that Home Speaker 300 has is the ability to silence the alarms by patting on the head or should I say tapping on the top of the smart speaker. This is particularly helpful if you are a kind of person who has sets multiple alarms in the morning – some a bit too early — to wake up.Sounds good but Alexa needs helpWhile reviewing the Bose Home Speaker 500, I had written that Bose’s very first smart speaker produces a “balanced audio output”. And while reviewing the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 I wrote that it produces a “crisp, clear and balanced” sound. The point here is to focus on the pattern. Bose products – speakers, smart speakers and headphones – focus on clarity and produce a balanced sound clear. The Bose Home Speaker 300 does all of that a bit more. To break the suspense, it offers a powerful bass effect as well.advertisementBass effect produced by the Home Speaker 300 is so prominent that you can feel the thumping of the music permeating throughout the space where you have kept your modernistic smart speaker. This bass effect is enhanced by the presence of speakers in all directions. This enables the Home Speaker 300 to project sound in all directions uniformly, which in turn gives the users a stereo-sound sort of an experience. This is supported by the speaker’s loud volume. The Bose Home Speaker 300 is loud. I mean really loud. It is enough to be the life of a party at your home. To give you some perspective, it is so loud that you cannot go beyond 50 percent volume in your room.During the course of my review, I listened to a whole bunch of songs. I listened to David Guetta’s Titanium, Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi and Bryan Adam’s Summer of 69. For most parts the sound was well rounded, that is the mids were clear and the lows were balanced. Over all the sound was pleasant even at extremely high volume levels. But at 100 percent volume, these tracks missed out on the clarity a bit.I also listened to Photograph by Ed Sheeran, Whiskey and You by Chris Stapleton and Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett and as expected I could clearly distinguish between every guitar strum, every piano note and every single beat of drum. Listening to Sufi songs like Arziyan by Javed Ali and Iktara by Amitabh Bhattacharya was an equally pleasurable experience even at extremely high volume levels. One possible explanation for this differentiation could be issue with the tracks. The other could be that the Home Speaker 300 in general (or at an optimum sound level) is more compatible Acoustics, EDM, Country and Sufi music genres.Coming to the smart features, you can connect the Home Speaker 300 with either Google Assistant or Alexa and they will perform all your routine chores like setting an alarm, checking news updates, booking a cab, setting reminders etc with ease. And if you have Apple devices, you can connect your Bose smart speaker with them using the Apple AirPlay 2. I paired the Bose Home Speaker 300 with Alexa and I found the entire experience to be a bit bumpy. Alexa is responsive and she obeys all your commands yet it’s not a smooth sail – as it is in case of Echo smart speakers — all the time. For instance if you ask Alexa to set multiple alarms, she would do so without fail but sometimes she would be at a loss of words while confirming her actions. Similarly, sometimes it would be difficult for me to get her to play a specific song or adjust the volume. Needless to say that the speaker’s Alexa integration needs some tweaking. Beyond that everything – the app, the presets and the connections – works without a hitch.advertisementShould you buy Bose Home Speaker 300?Yes, if can afford it. Bose Home Speaker 300 is a smart addition to your smart home. It is compact, it is stylish and it has a balanced sound. And additional qualities like its loudness, its sound projection and AirPlay 2 support just make it that much more enticing. Sure Alexa experience is a bit bumpy, but that’s not something a software update cannot fix. Qualitatively, it’s a good buy.Coming to the price, now that’s a tough one. Home Speaker 300 costs around 27K, which is nearly half the price of 2G Echo Plus. You can even get Echo Show 2G – the giant smart speaker with a display for a price less than that. For your reference it costs Rs 22,999. But it ultimately boils down to a simple fact – what exactly are you looking for. If you are looking for a smart display then Echo Show is worth considering but if you are looking for smart speaker with great sound quality then the Home Speaker 300 should definitely on your list.Bose Home Speaker 300 review8/10ProsBalanced soundStunning designCompactConsPriceyAlexa is bumpylast_img

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