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"Mom’s home phone why not call?" Xining Telecom fixed line are not accessible!" "Datong County Telecom landline failure, has been saying ‘busy’."…… Yesterday, 9 to 11:40 or so, the province’s telecommunications landline paralyzed, unable to communicate, causing many complaints. From across the province through WeChat, micro-blog readers have told the reporter to reflect the telecom landline failure, has been unable to connect, and did not advance through newspapers and other media to inform the user, bring inconvenience to the public life on weekends.

"hit my phone how can not get through." Yesterday morning, Mr. Wang told reporters that micro-blog private letter, 9 pm the same day, his family had fixed telecommunications "failure", thought it was their own phone problems, give parents call can not get through. To the newspaper hotline landline call and found the same situation. Call the customer service phone after the phone, was told that the communication failure, is being repaired. "If it is maintenance, why not advance through newspapers and other media to inform the user?" Mr. Wang said it could not understand.

and Mr. Wang have the same experience as well as the reader zhang. "The plane was out of order, and I was scared to death." It turned out that the reader Zhang and his parents are working in Xining, only 70 year old grandfather alone in the chase home alone, weekdays, Xiao Zhang every day to call grandpa asked about the situation. But yesterday around 9 o’clock, Zhang, as usual, but also to call the grandfather can not get through. Continue to call for more than an hour, the phone is always the same: "you dial the user busy." This time, Xiao Zhang can be panicked, worried about grandpa a person what the accident quickly contact the neighbors, did not think the phone is still ringing two prompts: "the subscriber you dialed is busy."

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