recently wrote some articles about optimization, and I feel like I’ve become a SEO expert. In fact, I am simple, that is, a rookie. Not afraid of jokes, do not stand a IP over a thousand, but this does not affect me continue to write my article, as long as someone is looking at, then I wrote it is still a little meaningful.

some people, technical level is very high, but sometimes he Lenz is not understood, how to lose myself to some simply do not understand the technology in the rookie rankings, which is a blog program to defeat him, it felt very strange. Then I thought about the problem. I found the root cause of the situation. read more

entertainment now has many leaks, recently there are a lot of stars have been burst, then coulee nuozha because of their age fraud are explosive, but for such a bid, there is also no way to prove that is true.

"black body" coulee nuozha recently as the storm continued, she in reality show "Idol" to cry a lot of friends in her black ", let many of the audience for the sweet girls with compassion, but it seems more and more netizens also for her big controversy. Recently, a netizen coulee nuozha age is 27 years old, was born in 1988, in order to develop Guli Nazha later changed her age, contributed to the Film Academy last year called the best candidate. read more

Hello! At noon today wrote a "web promotion program: wonderful program display case (a)" now take some time out to write second articles, write down the following site wide marketing plan! This is still in the telecom portal to analyze! Because for a long time in this position, it is quite familiar with at the same time, the site has a very good reputation, the reputation is very good! So it is very easy to marketing, some marketing programs here to talk about the next will continue to launch other programs. read more

was once a year the Spring Festival, although compared with the previous years, a lot less taste, but rare and friends together, chat to talk, it is a rare member, during the Chinese new year, mutual exchanges, marriage is when I can hardly be avoided, when it comes to their current work is "higher". When several of my age and almost as large as the relatives gave me a strange look.

obviously, Wangzhuan in their hearts, is already a poor reputation, look, know they are hostile to Wangzhuan, only because he had been cheated of part-time job experience. Although it can always see Huo blog friends estimate are certain Wangzhuan experience, but there will be new friends, then, is always Huo and mode of operation we talk over the web. read more

new station, the most important thing is to adhere to the update, rather than a set of luxury incomparable CMS. Any set of CMS can be built into excellent websites. Choose CMS just for your own site simplification. It’s essential for you to update what you have to do every day, even if you smoke a little, publish an article or modify an article. Nowadays, the movie station is still more popular, I have done before the thunder download station, and now use a more fool movie program. Although there are automatic collection, but every day or to collect the contents of the reorganization, re release, Baidu to my station when cold, hot, mainly the weight of the site is too low. PR=0 station, how can Baidu look at it? But you updated every day, the film’s general situation, the film actor, and the name of the film after finishing, Baidu will still like it. Your station changes every day. It always causes the spider to pay attention to it. You can also revise the things you collect. These are commonplace things. read more

when China’s investment environment is getting better and better, many foreign students and overseas Chinese have chosen to return to business. The rise of returnees is not only China the result of economic development, but also Chinese roots caused by feelings of bones.

"home and everything". In the traditional concept of Chinese people, the family is always the most important part of the heart. For entrepreneurs who have been abroad to get back to the family, returned to the country to start a business, it means that either the family moved back home, or separated from their families. This dilemma is often very difficult to let the returnees tangled, then the family’s understanding and support becomes very important. read more

Hebei talent network began operations in December 10th until now is fourth days, as a technical novice webmaster from me, experienced a lot, probably many seniors will experience this stage. The choice of enterprise recruitment free, how long can Yanzhao talent network go? I don’t answer this question, but it is clear that we will not give up

!The establishment of the

website at the beginning of the recruitment target is all free, because from our local, there are several real recruitment network recruitment market, the market is not standardized, and for us the novice webmaster, do not charge more strenuous. The program is nothing to us, we focus on website promotion. The morning to see the "Souyi" with an example to tell you "method to improve website traffic is very enlightening. His advantage is because the author accumulated a lot of resources in the early days, including the flow of very good station, so with a station, of course, no problem, and we are different, we have nothing. In accordance with the plan, Wang predecessors in the forum hair website promotion 100 methods, we also tried, to stick to post, was sealed. To the forum to post, the same was sealed. Maybe our approach isn’t right, but is it the wrong platform for a free service for the enterprise? Why is that? read more

As the saying goes,

Like attracts like. out on Birds of a feather flock together., the scope of activities and the circle of life. Do stand is the same, whether you do content acquisition, classification of information, do local portal, do business, you must have similar websites webmaster familiar with the website, SEO, is nothing more than the selected keywords, and dissolved in the content of a website, and then do a lot of the high quality of the chain and reasonable in chain, then as far as possible to maintain the daily updates to the activation engine for your attention and focus in life, make friends. Love is to choose one person (not necessarily specific, ha ha ~) to make friends from all walks of life, and on the pillar of the state, heresy to a government, next to the marketplace biesan and keep in touch with greetings often, for a long time, more familiar, are getting along better. Eventually there will be afraid of a cat, the cat is afraid of dogs, dogs are afraid of the lion, the lion is afraid of elephants, elephants and mice out of fear of ecological chain, encounter any problems, just find it superior nemesis, general can solve the problem, as in life often, someone black and white two to take a phone call, everything OK! read more

1 they don’t want to produce content, they expect a better life,

2, because the problem you can solve is what they don’t have,

3, and you can’t solve

for their real problems

4, Oprah didn’t mention it,

5, none of the people they know is on your website,

6, you can’t make them look at their loved ones,

7 they don’t mind what they see,

8, no colleague said it should be on this site,


it is very boring

10, it doesn’t make people laugh,

11, it can’t save people a lot of money, read more

to write before I can tell you that there is a future web designer. Why? Because of this industry and the rapid development of the Internet. Whenever you in the newspaper, the portal site to write very Niubi pull down station Moumou tens of millions of dollars in venture capital, the majority of enterprises is undoubtedly the Internet business. And the rise of the Internet, a strong impetus to the development of web design this occupation, when you see the hottest position in the talent website, ranked first is likely to be the web designer. Web design in the past few years the development of very fast, portals emerge one by one, hundreds of vertical sites thousands of Bengchu, each enterprise has established its own corporate website, directly led to the demand for web designers increased greatly, with the other " excited " is that any website revision It is very frequent. Therefore, web designers. Your work is never done. The whole future than the plane design interior design should be large, reflected in the preliminary treatment, the city I first introduced it, I know the average wage in Shenzhen between 3000-4000. Bad, just graduated in 1800-2500. Special cattle more than 10000 also have it, you can always listen to the door who, who listed company financing, most of us in the Internet industry enterprises. Shows that the industry is now very hot and high-speed development. Anyone who reduces the identity of web designers and detractors of web design must be ignorant. read more

from the station has been more than a year, when the station was a objective: Zhengkou! When a year ago, I managed to do in the school library, the system is also the maintenance of the electronic reading room of the machine, to ensure the normal network. To tell you the truth, when I was in, I didn’t understand anything. I couldn’t even download a movie. I was in the mood to learn something.


enters, because he doesn’t understand anything, he is always looked down upon by others. And then go in, followed by a master behind, always subject to someone else’s gas. Laughed every day, but I’m more optimistic. Want to compare open, so every day or good. Time passes quickly, in the twinkling of an eye, the old network management wants to graduate, originally should say the successor’s person is mine, but because of my technology really not really. So, the old network management in our school, but also find a person to take over. The new man made a scene as soon as he came in, because he made a website and was able to visit the internet. That’s incredible. It’s very popular with us, so he takes all my thunder. I secretly decided that I would make a website, too, read more

novice to share personal experience, do not Paizhuan!

was not familiar with the Internet before, and felt like a blind man". In the beginning of contact, I feel everything has no way to start, I do not know which point should start from, to learn too much knowledge. Of course, a lot of knowledge we can’t do everything, so instead of each point all know a small part, not to hold a hand to study, put a point of practice acme is a specialty (self comforting Oh, ha ha). Now contact e-commerce, mainly the web site of the chain, the following will be the two months to do some of the chain of experience to share with you. read more

              do not know what began in society more than "non mainstream" the word, a group of 90 men and women in the personality publicity, wearing an alternative, turned out. And at this time, the first batch of non mainstream websites emerged, such as: non mainstream, new generation, non mainstream blog, non mainstream official network, and so on..

              their " non mainstream " the explanation is: individuality, offbeat, non popular, do not blindly follow the trend of today’s mass, pay attention to meet their disposition clothing, dress, words and deeds. Non mainstream means is not the most popular thing… It is a relatively advanced or lagged from the number of people speaking, the pursuit of non mainstream people accounted for a relatively small, more mainstream called. This relatively few let Baidu TOP" non mainstream " keywords soared, more and more non mainstream sites are zero, non mainstream, non mainstream, non degree eight the mainstream and so on, a total of about 2,30 of it. It was in 07 years around February, and as of today, large and small add up probably hundreds of non mainstream sites. I also did a hey but relatively late is not published, at most QQ owners I know are 80, I asked them what is " non mainstream " and they laughed and said do not know, just feel very sick, I only know that non mainstream " this time is not long; the non mainstream, but does not contain " a small number of people, such as embroidered square dance master, my personal feeling is not representative of the mainstream type of O (a _ U) O read more

the last time and we share the "share" local portal operation experience and mode of profit today Fanfan going to tell you about how I was through a combination of online and offline profits.

in recent years, more and more vertical website webmaster’s favor, like local portal is hot too, but for the grass-roots webmaster, due to popularity, resources, funds are limited, to achieve profitability is still a bit difficult, I believe many web sites have high popularity but it has been unable to profit, a website has been unable to profit is difficult in this era of survival in down, let your own website how to quickly profit? Is every webmaster want to break the biggest difficulty, want in the local portal net profit is not a few friends. Then, as a local gateway network, what profit model, read more

home website how to go beyond competitors, the most direct way is to strengthen the visibility of the site, enrich the content of the site, the industry keywords promotion.

to Home Furnishing network, on the one hand, the website content and Home Furnishing industry closely related, on the other hand, website propaganda Home Furnishing prominent industry leader in site image promotion, the combination of the two launch, received good results:

website content is always the first, and home network content reflects the home industry information and home products of the latest developments read more

Search and commodity search within the

web site is a common tool for users to find specific information within a web site. Continuous observation, search, utilization, the ability to investigate the user’s understanding and expected changes.

1, define

imports WebSideStory, Search, Mercado, Google, Search, Appliance, Endeca and other search tools into a web site and can determine how many people in the audience have used the search. The most general method of measurement is to insert tags on the search results page, or to identify them from log analysis. The formula is as follows: read more

, a monk chanting in the temple, but not in business outside the Buddha; concentrated practice martial arts secrets, but read up MBA. Recently, the monk also played in e-commerce, online selling the martial arts secrets……

you might think that the monk deviated from the Buddhist tradition, but I don’t think so.

this monk is Shi Yongxin, the thirtieth generation of Shaolin Temple abbot, folk called Shaolin CEO, in recent years, the hot Buddhist celebrities.

August 1987 is the elders passed away, Shi Yongxin ‘legacy, became director of Shaolin Temple Management Committee, presided over the overall work of the temple. In August 1999, only 34 years old Shi Yongxin became abbot of Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple has since entered the Shi Yongxin era. Shi Yongxin took over as the abbot of Shaolin Kung Fu, with travel extensively, travel to Europe to visit the United States, the world tour, and actively promote the culture of Shaolin Temple, made a lot of very fruitful work. Perhaps it is because of its extensive experience and open field of vision, it has enabled it to further promote the use of commercial Shaolin Temple Everbright business. read more

I think, in front of a lot of people in Admin5, I am a novice at best, one inexperienced, two no technology, three no connections. How do I say, I contact the computer is relatively early, 00 years began to play online CS, and then play the middle reaches, and then play legend, this play to play for 05 years.

05 years, a Sichuan friend used to know his literary propaganda forum to me, fall acerbity literary forum, but now is Sichuan a site acquisition, then my friend now do not know what to. That’s when I began to really touch the Internet, contact forums, and some other management and maintenance. 06 years, opened another literary forum in a bamboo fall solo astringent, and let me help him do administrator, because I was in the fall when the accumulation of astringent done a large amount of resources, as well as some other members of the alliance network literature. read more


I never thought that there was a name of "webmaster" in my life plan. But right now, I’m a station master, managing the Wenzhou co – pie group and the free food forum. What I don’t think of is that my present blog has become a place for me to publicize and share.

for the first time to write a blog when I was 20 years old (07 in June) was just graduated from the University, I think they have a certain reputation in the school, students and professors think that my article is well written, so I decided to walk the road of creation. The truth is that you feel like you’re on a more routine path, and that path is destined for more experience and pain. read more

I thank the old

a few months ago, wrote a paper, personal webmaster how to keep warm in winter, warm in the job at the same time, you need more to find their way out of the site, as well as their own profit model. Old Xie personally think, personal Adsense spring has been in, personal Adsense need to set up the greatest confidence to work and struggle.

Xie Xie points out a few ideas for everyone to think about, as long as you want to understand, your personal website will have a play,


1. make your work schedule reasonable read more