The webmaster should learn to refine the website culture

a lot of people do, but there are few successful people. Looking at the success of the webmaster, without exception, is their website has a unique culture. May I write something you don’t have interest, can not flow, also did not say what promotion. But I think I must be a successful webmaster must have.

I remember in our Hebei webmaster communication group I asked? What is a webmaster need most?? flow? A website that I think is the most basic soul, a unique cultural site! A website if there is no soul, like a man without a soul, like a dead-alive person. The site, would not be angry, the site will be in a state of paralysis, and it is not conducive to the promotion of the website. The site must have a soul, will reflect the website’s brand value, will reflect the characteristics of enterprises, will be established in the enterprise network brand, is also a kind of corporate branding is a good way, therefore, the site must have a soul, will make the website to get into work, and make enterprise obtain value through the website. read more

Annual salary of 300 thousand copies are usually doing

one minute on the stage takes ten years. What to eat what to pull, want to write something precious, first belly to hold countless table delicacies from land and sea. So the writers are A single word of gold., usually in


copy should pay attention to world outlook.

you want to know the world, through the words to express. Readers are more likely to be your world view, they will be attracted to your point of view, rather than empty adjectives and rhetoric.

reading, can form their own world view, increase the knowledge to expand the circle of knowledge. Those who are forced to cattle, almost all the book madman. They cook shit drips will sleep in their reading, to prepare for A single word of gold. read more

Do SEO have to say Baidu eleven bit algorithm

we can not know the Baidu website optimization algorithm. Although there are a lot of SEO says that Baidu will not affect the algorithm completely website ranking, but I feel as entering the industry novice, Baidu algorithm is a pointer to the website keywords ranking. This year, Baidu update frequency algorithm is more frequent, the author Dennis before summary, website optimization and today to share the Dennis Wise remark of an experienced person is the bottleneck problem encountered in this month on the keyword optimization, About Baidu algorithm eleven. read more

Electricity supplier giants invariably aimed at the rural market

today is the lunar new year, as they go, zouqingfangyou pay New Year’s call the footsteps approaching, with the season slowly once a year special purchases for the Spring Festival near the end.

The traditional

market has special purchases for the Spring Festival online, but with 80, 90 has gradually become the main force of the consumer, the major electricity supplier group invariably played a "special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival", the advertisement with every corner of the subway, bus, video website. However, unlike in the past, this year, and other Jingdong, including Ali electricity supplier giants have to try to force in the rural market. read more

How to open shop to do consignment, how to open the shop in Taobao process

shop treasure mom did not forget to make milk money Youdao Gu

Taobao is a year to open up, the specific time I have forgotten. I was in 2010 in the online Taobao store. At that time, the competition is not so fierce, the business is also very good. Although I am just a Taobao C shop, but every day there are about one hundred customers, the money is naturally higher than white-collar workers. In 2012, I have the yellow diamond shop. This time, I have to give up the yellow diamond shop, opened a Taobao virtual shop. read more

Business critical singles


is selling crazy!"

recalls Taobao Mall (micro-blog) promotions Tmall last November 11th to zero singles, Wu ronghua still some excitement, now "singles day" is coming, it has become a fixture of Taobao mall promotion. As the general manager of textiles business, he prepared for 6 months for the "online shopping Carnival", 12 in the morning is the charge for a moment.

"singles" crazy, from the data we can see. According to data provided by Taobao: on November 11, 2010, sales of the top ranked Jack · Jones, textiles are more than 20 million transactions, followed by Lining, Bosideng, nanjiren, textile, etc. Motom mercury one-day turnover of more than 10 million. In addition to Adidas, Metersbonwe, JEANSWEST and other more than and 20 stores over 5 million. And in 2010, textiles sold one hundred million yuan of goods on the Internet, and one day in November 11, 2010, their sales accounted for the share of 1/5. read more

Vintage 2012 if not the end of the world is the electricity supplier in winter

seems to have become a target for all night, the electricity supplier. There are electricity supplier entrepreneurs jumped out of regret in the wrong line, investors have to stand out to complain that this is a passing fancy trick, of course, the media follow-up and investigation. For a person, the greatest danger is not a serious illness, but dare not face. The same is true of an industry.

whether it is "electric bubble theory" or "electric winter", although the words sharp, but reflect has existed for a long time, it has long been wrapped a series of problems in this industry: B2C does not make money, why can be VC crazy sought after? What is wrong entrepreneurs or investors wrong? This wave as the representative of the electricity supplier to the customer, in the pursuit of speed and passion, whether lost? And more importantly, in group purchase, which may become a new electricity supplier in the field of "troublemakers" read more

Ma and Liu Qiangdong, why do they look cold chain logistics

text / Liang Zhongrong


is online shopping community service SF’s, which is a very important function is to complete the laying of electricity "last mile" function, and the formation and development of cold chain logistics system sf. "With the SF cold chain logistics opening, when partners demand increased, the cold chain logistics layout will also speed up the future, the four line of the city will also consider sinking." SF preferred CEO Li Dongqi said that this year the cold chain logistics development speed and the development of fresh electricity supplier. read more

Appliances into electricity supplier 51 game focus on the promotion of the line does not lose heat O

51 golden week approaching, the major electricity supplier platform will focus on home appliances, set off promotional activities. In addition to issuing vouchers, full cut and other low-cost strategy, this year, the major electricity supplier will focus to fight, fight on logistics customer service. In addition to the electricity supplier, this year’s "51" line entity store is also actively promoting, and even more than some of the category of promotional merchandise online. However, there are still consumers, promotional activities, commodity prices still exist after the first rise and fall phenomenon. Compared to the previous promotional activities, in addition to commodity prices rose after the fall, the promotion category focused appliances, many consumers seem calm lot. read more

B2C website quick success strategy

B2C now built many sites, but more is to burn, B2C requires a very large investment to do, without a certain amount of money, simply can not do it, such as logistics, inventory, advertising, every project needs lots of funds, so to build a B2C website easily, barriers to entry very low, now ECShop, ExShop can help the base without technical webmaster quickly set up a B2C website, but how to operate a B2C website? This is not an easy thing, many B2C sites are due to momentary brain heat, so for the webmaster, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, even from other companies that must have a fast growth strategy: read more